The Dirty Dirty

27 Aug

Here I am.
Back in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Living with my parents. Holler.

But seriously, I have one month to prepare for 7 months of traveling. Hopefully leaving me time to spare so that I can;
(a) mourn the fact that I have left Camp Al-Gon-Quian, my 2nd, or perhaps 1st home, and the spot I’ve spent the last 13 summers of my life/met the best people I’ve ever known – which says a lot for camp people or reflects a bit poorly on my anti-social tendancies and the fact I don’t get out much…
(b) sit on my couch a do nothing. outside of mourning this is fun and relaxing. my parents just got digital cable and I’ve been wanting to watch SVU as well as every episode of Planet Earth.
(c) socialize (though as the first point describes, this will probably take up only a small proportion of my time) with college friends who are rocking the victory lap or are just youngins. this socializing will hopefully include camp people, making it more frequent and fun.
(d) getting together my Peace Corps medical and legal clearance paperwork. this should probably be first on my list. probably.

Oh yeah. I’ll also be reading a lot. Reuniting with the NY times and attempting to conquer Thursday crossword puzzles. Running? ha. And learning how to use the World Wide Web, including this newfangled blog stuff.

All Camp Photo 4th Session
AGQ Banquet 2007


One Response to “The Dirty Dirty”

  1. Alina August 28, 2007 at 3:57 pm #

    Hi Leah,

    Weren’t you at key west over winter break with Alyssa and Josh? Remember me? 😀

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