getting ready = playing in Chicago

18 Sep

So in my never ending trials of preparation i headed to Chicago- the land of big stores that could potentially fulfill my consumeristic pre-travel needs with every quick-dry fabric and thick-soled shoe possible. and i went to visit my brother, Danny.

The train ride was exceptionally fun. I recommend train travel because you can see a lot of pretty greenery and relax and read. It may be the best way to travel. Plus you’re on a freaking train, there are conductors and what not. Sweet.

And in Chicago Danny and I watched a lot of The Wire on his computer, I slept a lot, and our parents came and took us to eat high quality restaurant foodings. (Hackney’s had good burgers, and Medici’s near UC had AMAZING italian subs and salads, plus a lovely ambiant of student/low key buzz. In the course of family conversation (which only occurred 50% of our time together because truly we sat long periods all reading our own section of the newspaper and then even longer explaining to Leah sub-prime loans and the economic mess that has developed, using big words like “hedge-fund”. It is now all perfectly clear) we discussed my soon arriving departure date.

Ahh, the point that my travels are approaching in the next 2 weeks. Well, after asking my brother to borrow his every expensive tent (“Nope”) and then his lovely big backpack (“No, again”), I was sieged with questions such as “Where are you staying your first night?”, “What will the weather be like?”, “Are you going camping or something?”, and best of all “Why are you being so freaking cheap and trying to borrow supplies for a 7 month trip when you should really invest in some gear of your own because you are already spending so much to travel you might as well get it right? Right?” hmmm.

So to the store I go. Dang. Now I have to go shopping, I hate shopping. I’m still convinced I need no ‘travel clothes’, I will rest happily with a large container of sorts and perhaps a pair of shoes. Perhaps.
Oh and the ‘universal packing list’ is crap. Its called the 1 shirt, 1 short, 1 pant and 3 pairs of underwear list. How can you go wrong?


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