wedding + NYC = get your ass to thailand

1 Oct

yup, the travels have begun, kinda.

this weekend i enjoyed my final moments of basking in luxury (luxury is spelled OPEN BAR) at the sweet wedding of Becca and Humbel. everyone cleaned up super well, particularly camp kids, with an impressive brentwood-10-person-shower-up time of 2 hours 12 minutes.  the ceremony was short, a definite plus that led directly to an early reception! the Perry Hotel was quite the spot, and the dance floor was popping due to a old DJ in a bow tie who was throwing down with some choice pop hits from 2 years ago. some young chicas were not to be out-sweated by milne or brock, and faithfully tap-danced the entire night.

post a 4 hour hung-over drive in the early morn sunday, furlette and I speedily moseyed (a.k.a. a quick but relaxed ambiance drive) back to the deuce for my final moments in a2. i spent them sleeping off the stomach pains. then the fam (including danny!) drove me to the airport to set out on some mad adventures. step one: get to NYC.

NYC = big. wide streets. horrible driving addiction due to Moses and hollerable Central Park thanks to Olmstead. the visit was complete with a quick frolic in Greenich Village in search of some dive that sold crusty burritos, a taxi ride that refused to converse with me but loved to swear at other drivers, an academic experience navigating around a lot of smart characters at Columbia with walker, and finally, some last minute nausea due to final freaking out that is in order pre-trip. and i’m ready. sorta. and i’m excited. really.

next stop = Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday 4pm after a 17 hour straight flight. yay!~


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