ballin’ in BANGKOK!

5 Oct

Becky and I survived our 17 hour flight, including 3 movies and 2 and a half plane meals, to make it to THAILAND!!!   plane riding with the Michigan bear

our 1st stop: ko shan road – definitely straight out of the Beach and ridiculously intense. imagine a street that smells like fish oil and sizzling meat, hundreds of tourists dressed in baggy bohemian style gear, and lots of bright neon light-up signs advertising small guesthouses and bars piled on top of each other. just wild.

our first night we faithfully went out in this backpackers’ heaven, or just haven, and promptly found some spaniards to talk in spanish with, seeings as my thai language skillz are still below par. we weren’t allowed back to their hotel for a dip in the pool though because 1) prostitution is a big problem here and 2)  i look asian enough to be suspect. instead we got some extra spicy pad thai from a street vendor. i devoured mine and becky cried because her face was on fire and her chile tolerance is still low. so i ate the rest of hers.

we spent the next few days exploring Bangkok;

– saw a lot of the Ko Shan road area, lots of young tourist couples, cheap street food, and wild partying

– we hit up a few Wats (temples) including Big Budda, where I lit some incense. fun fact #18: 90% of thais are buddhist! photo: Big Buddha

– we used the metro and the skytrain (yay for public transit!) to navigate the ritzy part of town, experience the MBK, Siam Square, and the National Stadium. the amount of stuff for sale and crammed into the MBK was gut-wrenching. a once-in-a-lifetime event not to be repeated, unless of course I’m in the market for a selection of 542 cell phone options.

– we found a fun sheesha bar, Bombay Blues, where we got free naan and other indian appetizers, smoked sheesha, and got our picture taken many times by the nepalese waiter.

Bangkok is interesting and fun, but i’m already ready to explore some other wildness apart from mod-city X1000. still, i can’t believe I am in THAILAND!


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