I’ll tuk-tuk you…

8 Oct

or you can come to Thailand and tuk-tuk it up yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

photos to entice you:

becky and I with our tuk-tuk

backseat rider

so of course becky and I can’t resist riding around Bangkok in tuk-tuks. they are like taxis but cuter, open little car/cart things that are wildly painted with colorful lights (that’s how they suckered me in, works every time). you get to bargain for dangerous rides around town in which they snake through traffic at alarming speeds and snuggle way too close to some large double-decker buses that are spitting mad fumes at you. but really, they rock.

we had 3 lovely rides on these magical machines, and their aesthetic qualities are only to be outmatched by their unique and individual drivers that hound you relentlessly about the streets.

Ride #1: a truly friendly guy at the first Wat we entered got into serious convo with us about the major sights to be seen in Bangkok. when we whipped out our map he proceeded to diagram a route about the city for us, numbered and all. then he told us to grab a tuk-tuk and demand the tour for a mere 60 baht (about 2 dollars). we were down. so we got a cool ‘chauffeur’ and set off. he really seemed to like us… until mid-trip he went a bit astray from our planned course and he left us at a small random Wat somewhere in bigass Bangkok. we never even got the chance to pay him. our self-esteem was at an all-time low after our 20 minutes of waiting around outside the Wat convinced us that we had been ditched.

Ride #2: this guy had a nice big smile. smiles get you everywhere in life. in our case it was 2 trips to ‘high-fashion’ stores where we could get personally tailored dresses or suits. at least we was very frank, he told us that he would get gas coupons if he brought tourists to these enticing boutiques, even if they are mangy backpackers who shouldn’t be allowed within 20 feet of chinese silk. then he smiled a lot and we let him steer the course.
Ride #3: our final tuk-tuk trip in Bangkok; to the train station to fadangle a ride out of this crazy town. so we made it simple, “to the train station” we said. he asked if we had tickets yet, we got a little nervous and said no. he offered to take us to a TAT (tourism association of thailand) office for info. we said no, just the train station, because we heard many of the TAT offices scam you.

he said “TAT.”

we said “no, train station.”

he said “TAT.”

we said “no, train station.” (with a big smile)

he said “TAT.”

i said “we already have tickets.” (bigger smile now)

he said “show me.”

i mumbled, “train station.”

the lovely banter continued with convincing grins from both ends of the debate. we won! score 1 for the super-tourists! and that was that. bye-bye bangkok and bye-bye tuk-tuk rides.


One Response to “I’ll tuk-tuk you…”

  1. karen October 17, 2007 at 1:40 pm #

    haha, that sounds awesome bargaining with the cab driver too bad that guy left you, he sounded sweet! and only 2 dollars, girl you are lvinig it up for cheap cheap!!!!

    Im thinking of you…and reading your blog. Thanks for the e-mail, Ill write back soon, I just spent the long weekend in VA at home so I’m behind like whoah!!! But happy in love:)

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