the trials and tribulations from phuket –> bangkok

23 Oct

Ahh Phuket. The old town won my heart with the beautiful old architecture and quaint street signs written in Chinese (Chinese migration populated the area way back in the day). Plus I got to eat some snacks that could have come straight out of my grandma (habu’s) pantry! It was like being home, and not speaking the language. 

We discovered a gem of a coffee shop, Bo{ok}hemian run by Tam and Nil. They are both artists and here is Tam’s website so you can see some of the amazing photography he’s done of Phuket and the festivals.

(Might I add that some photos were taken of yours truly so feel free to look for those as well, though they may not be developed yet!)

Additionally – I have been putting my photos up as facebook albums,  you can check out ‘Travels Part 1’ if you click here:

So on to some news….   Becky and I traveled from Phuket to Bangkok by bus, going through Surat Thani.  We had our first 2 negative experiences in Thailand. Negative experience #1) our taxi driver between buses was a complete meany and rude dude who told us we had to pay (although we had pre-paid with our travel package) and then threatened to drop us and our stuff in the middle of no-where if we didn’t cough up 20B each (okay so that’s only 75cents, but his attitude and threatening stylings was totally uncalled for and he basically jacked us for 40B). Negative experience #2) we were riding the bus and I got about 100$ stolen, while Becky lost the same plus her cell phone.  Lesson learned, don’t actually sleep on the overnight buses.Or at least keep all your stuff on your lap as your toes are not super aware to mischievous hands (the funny part: it seems we were robbed by the couple behind us who were this super quiet young Japanese couple who APPEARED completely harmless…)

Back in Bangkok! We haven’t been up to too much yet, but it seems we will be here for a week so we are thinking about taking some kind of course. So far we have in the running; a) a Thai cooking course, b) a Thai massage course – you learn to give them not just get them all day long!, c) a yoga course, and d) a Thai language course. What do you think? I’m off to investigate options tomorrow. Meanwhile I’ve been doing lots of reading (Jack Kerouac, On the Road -it seems appropriate) and today I explored CHINATOWN.

Chinatown was cool because I got to smell lots of mysteriously familiar dried creepy looking animal parts and eat red cooked eggs, just like my Habu makes them! Other than that it was a bit intense, seeings as I was walking down crammed Soi (alley/streets) filled to the brim with every kind of headband you could ever desire. Then a Soi with every weapon you ever thought existed (machetes to paintball guns). Then mechanic tools. Then car accessories. Then DVD players. Then comforters. You name it, then sold it, and in bulk

Well- off to upload some photos!~ More news from Bangkok and my educational experience soon!


One Response to “the trials and tribulations from phuket –> bangkok”

  1. Jenny K October 25, 2007 at 11:55 am #

    dudes, totally take the cooking course. that would be so delicious. I know it might help to know the language a little better… but ummm foooooodd. so my mom and dad have added this to their blogs that they read everyday. I hear about yall through my father (what up pops. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! Take more 🙂 Not much to report at home except that you are missed, and Michigan football is redeeming itself. (they were really sucking in the beginning) Anyways… I love you!!!!!
    Jenny K

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