dancing and pool halls

28 Oct

i don’t feel like a traveler right now, which is pretty awesome.

becky and i have been in bangkok for about a week now, and through our fail safe method of sitting at the same street side table all day a drinking coffee (i like to travel in the style of my brother) we have met a bunch of thai girls that basically do the same thing. its been fun to relax. lately i’ve been eating amazing food everyday (veggie thai food, street noodles, falafel- okay that’s not thai but its really popular here and good), i’ve been playing some pool (apparently i suck at pool though i thought remembered enough geometry to be good at it, but i’ll blame my sticky fingers), and i’ve been dancing tons.  we go out and dance to pop music and electronic remixes (yes, these girls know more lyrics to american pop songs, in english, than i do).  but no joke, i’m loving bangkok and having a great time meeting people from all over that say they keep ending up here again, and i can kinda understand why.

still, i need to see some wilderness (sitting at the riverside park yesterday wasn’t quite enough for me) so becky and i will head north eventually, and maybe i’ll buy some more batteries so i can impress you all with more amazing photos of thailand. 


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