chica chica CHAING MAI

6 Nov

ahh. i have finally left B-angkok!

I actually miss it. I met lots of cool thai girls and got into a rhythm hanging out with them and some farang (foreigner) friends. Kim, Tay, Oh, and Lolita all took me in and I also met Marika, Chris, and Benji who are all friends of Gar. I got into the groove of sleeping in, eating amazing food, then heading to Don Daeng Moon, listening to music at Shamrock, dancing at Gullivers and then more dancing at Gazebo… always so much fun to go out, and thai noodles taste the best at 6am.

But the fun in Bangkok had to end, and on Sunday night I took an overnight train to Chaing Mai to meet back up with Becky. (She went to Burma for her visa run, I did my visa run from hell to Cambodia last week. It consisted of me sitting on a bus for 6 hours, getting to the border of Cambodia, walking across, turning around and walking right back, paying 25$ for a new visa, and driving 6 hours back to Bangkok with a drunk man in the bus questioning me on ‘why i live life the way i do?’ for half the ride. I said “because I am happy“.)

Chaing Mai seems fun. On my first day here I caught up with Becky, walked around town, met up with some crazy boys we traveled in the islands with, played pool on a crappy table (but I legit won my first game here, without my opponent just sinking the 8 ball early or something…), walked around at night and ate tons of cheap cheap street food, and then returned to a small cave room with 2 twin beds to share with 4 other people- 3 of them being the messy smelly boys aforementioned.

Today we got up early and went to an intense Yoga course. I got a chance to try quite a few moves and the setting was super serene, there were incense burning and children laughing at the school outside. I am going to keep practicing until I can hold the position where I am completely upside down on my head. It may take a while… but the body cleansing and healthy food action here is a nice change. We may stay a while, and then we are planning to go to Pai to meet up with my thai girls from Bangkok!

Check out my newly downloaded photos


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