Sao Paulo, BRAZIL – the most dangerous city in the world?

16 Jan

not under the watch of momma Mirna!

So maybe you’re wondering, “wow, Becky and Leah are already in Brazil, how did that happen?!?”, or maybe you’re not wondering. I will fill you in de todas manieras. We were in Bangkok. We flew for 17 hours to New York. We ate good ol’ american food (hamburger, salad, CHIPS and SALSA) for 2 days with the rents. We flew for 9 hours to Sao Paulo, Brazil. And here we are.

Upon stepping foot into this amazing country we shed the fleece of rainy NYC and threw our much lighter (because we downsized from our SEAsia trip, being experienced travelers at this point) backpacks over our shoulders. We were warmly greeted by Flavio (later known as Fla, Flavski, or Flo), the 24 year old brother of a patient of my dad’s.  We were whisked into the comfortable, warm, and ridicuously hospitable home of Jose de Silva and his wife Mirna.

The Neighborhood: We are staying at Mirna’s home in Santo Andre, a small town right outside of downtown Sao Paulo. Across the street from Mirna’s in one direction sits her sister, Melena’s house, with her husband Armando and 5 year old son Felipe – who likes to yell to us from the doorway (because he’s not allowed outside alone). Just up the road past Melena’s house is Maria’s house, she is the mom of the area (mother of Miram, Melena, and Mirna).  Then right across the street from Mirna’s in the other direction is Mirna’s aunt and uncle-in-law (where she stops by for a cafezihno in the morning because it is close).  Her other sister, Miriam, lives just next door with her husband and 3 children. It’s quite the community! Everyone chatting on the street all the time, everyone related, everyone looking out for eachother and stopping in when they see that you’ve just gotten home, to be nice.

Day 1 (and 2) were a wild celebration of eating and people passing in and out of the house, coming over for dinner, bringing lots of brazilian food for us to try, and most of all simply being so excited and curious about the two American girls that are traveling Brazil.  It has been the most generous and warm experience ever!

The Nightlife: Flavski has taken us into town, where we blend in beautifully with our dark hair – though unfortunately when the mouth opens all truths are revealed. We’ve gone to see a Samba band at Santa Alameda, the music had incredible energy and everyone was dancing on a really crowded floor, bumping into eachother with friendly enthusiasm.  We ate (many many times because Mirna has a secret mission to get us really fat) at a Churrascaria, Brazilian BBQ restuarant.  The buffet’s here are great, stocked with salad bar goodies while waiters rush around carrying huge trays and skewers of meat that they slice off for you very fresh enjoyment! Tonight we are going to Agua na Boca, a famous fish restaurant, and tomorrow we are sadly parting from our Brazilian home to head to the Pantanal for some quality treking in the country’s best national parks!

Tudo muito bom!


One Response to “Sao Paulo, BRAZIL – the most dangerous city in the world?”

  1. Karen January 30, 2008 at 8:40 pm #

    Whoah! That’s so awesome that that family took you in like that. Hostel…home stay…hmm…

    Glad you’ve been welcomed into the West, have fun practicing your portugese, I’ll write back soon, I’ve read your email three times, it is preciosa to hear from you lovely!

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