obsessing over Rio de Janeiro

14 Feb

So we got here almost 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE this city.

First we got to go crazy with carnival. Costumes. Street parties (24/7). Masks. Capirinhas (caxiaca is Brazil´s famous alcohol + lime + lots of sugar). Dancing. Following samba bands along the street in huge parades. People. People. People. It was awesome to jump right in and go wild, meeting new friends, trying to learn to dance, staying up all night long (yes I saw the sunrise on Copacabana beach).

I fulfilled my touristy desires of walking the streets of Sta. Teresa,  rich neighborhood on a hill top in the center of the city. It had a great bohemian vibe and lots of art shops. I zipped up to the Corcovado (Cristo is standing watch over the city with his arms raised, so I went for the views). I spent a relaxed day at the botanical gardens getting in my share of scientific plant names for the week. I´ve gotten to know my fair share of samba on the streets of Lapa, as well as a few discos near the beach. Oh the beach…

They fill with people every sunny second, so you have to wiggle your way past the umbrellas, but its great fun. The waves are salty (hey, I´m from Michigan!) and the swim suits are far too small. (I had to buy one here because I forgot mine, and I am constantly… adjusting).

Now that I have been here for a while, I´ve been trying to decide my next move. I still haven´t made concrete decisions from the Peace Corps, nor have I heard from them yet. (Maybe the crisis in Kenya is distracting them from Africa placements). I have just emailed a few organic farms in Brazil. I joined the Brazil WWOOFing network so I am planning on spending a few weeks farming and learning about organic farming methods here in the tropics. Until then I´ll be hanging out at the beach. It is so incredibly hot here I have to stand in a cold shower or jump in the ocean every half hour. I actually woke up early today just to go find a shop to sit in that had a/c because I couldn´t stop sweating!

Hmmm… I just bought 3 new books which I´m hyped up for. I think I will head to Paraty next (a smaller coastal town). I´m thinking a lot about healthy organic nutrition and trying to change my diet, maybe vegetarianism is in my future again? All is well, and I´m working on my latest resolution: to blabber more consistently in this blog! Woot Woot!   

Happy Valentine´s Day Everyone!

                   Love Leah


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