A Costa Verde (a.k.a. sickening bus rides & beautiful views)

18 Feb

Paraty! – The name of this town would leave you to assume that it is the perfect stop on my endless fiesta, but it´s actually pronounced pAr-A-CHi (note: I was not aware of this when I made the decision to pop over to this colonial hotspot).

I´ve headed out of Rio on my own, Becky and Dave are staying there to take courses in Portuguese and guitar, but I needed to give the wild city a rest. For now.

My new crew includes;

a) an Argentine that is following me calling me Princessa and professing his love continuously (its just his style, he whistles at all the girls, so don´t worry, I won´t let it go to my head…)

 b) a 62 year old Brazilian woman who looks like shes 40 and eats root vegetables a lot, and she tells me that because I have type O blood, which is apparently the least evolved and oldest, I need to eat lots of meat because my blood is the blood of the original ´hunter-gatherer´nomadic clan
 c) an middle aged UPer, my first Michigander in Brazil!, named Charlie, who is as classicly awkward as a UPer can be, in the nicest politest possible way (of course!), his awkwardness only amplified because he hangs with a crew that speaks all portuguese and spanish around him, and he´s still working on ´thank-you´…
d) Gabriellla, maybe the most ´normal´… a nice biologist brazilian girl who talks way to fast for me and then is always asking me to explain the intricacies of her reasearch job to Charlie, like I understand.
THis is what happeens when you travel alone, you meet other wierd solo travelers.

Paraty is awesome. It is a colonial port town built in the 1500s by the Portuguese and it has retained its antique architecture because it sits on a mountainous coast that has rugged cliffs covered in jungle vegetation, making it´s accessibility before the era of asphalt pretty much impossible. (Or at least not popular for the covered wagon tourist). The architechture is beautifully and restored on most of the cobbled streets in the historic center.

Best of all about this town, is that it´s location is smack dab in a bunddle of joyous outdoor opportunities! Day 1 I hit up a schooner ride to a few of the hundreds of little islands along the coast, I got to swim in crystal blue waters, stumble on rocky coasts, and I saw a pack (do you call it a pack or a school… are dolphin fish?… ahh, so much intellectual stimulation…) of dolphins migrating south along the coast. There were about 35 and they had fun jumping in unison and awing us on the boat. (Unfortunately my abilities to snatch a photo of those babes was dampered by the desire to just watch them, and my zooming in-and-out in attempts to actually find them through the lens!)

Yesterday I went to Trindade, a smaller town down the coast from here. It has a more ´hippie´vibe (perfect for me!) and lots of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hiking, and SURFING! (I´ve decided now is the time to learn.) So I´m headed there to stay after I check out some of the muesums and history of this spot.


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