Destination 473: Argentina

26 Feb

Argentina would totally beat up Brazil in elbow-to-elbow combat, that is of course if Brazil couldn`t whip out any capoeira moves. That`s how awesome Argentina is. (And apparently they have storefront pillars made out of solid chocolate somewhere near Bariloche, so guess where I`m headed…)

Border crossing: Brazil to Argentina

             I got the free bus from my hostel to the main road. Took a local 2.10$ bus towards town 3km. Got off. Crossed the street. Got on the international bus 3.00$ going the other way and cross the Paraguay River. Stamped through 2 borders (yup, getting on and off buses at each stop). And bamn, I was in Argentina. And it`s totally different (I mean duh, it`s another country, but still it`s less than a 168 cartwheels apart- for very talented cheerleader types).

Why I love Argentina:

1) It`s really hot. I don`t like to be really hot because I`m from MI, where it`s really cold. Nonetheless, it seems appropriate to me that Spanish speaking countries are ridiculously hot from 9am until 5pm, therefore developing the desire to sit around in the shade all day and do nothing.

2) Music. It`s not the music itself, but more the ambiance of the music. You go walking in the sweltering heat, sort of disoriented and lightheaded because the sun is so strong, and you hear lazy Spanish tunes wafting from the shadows of some cool porch or dark room. It is refreshing even though you are still melting in you sweat, just to know other people are tuned in to the radio relaxing.

3) The peso. I can pronounce it better than the Brazilian real (or should I say Hay-I-es).

4) Did I mention it just feels friendly? Brazilians are so hospitable, but there is something about the physical attributes of this town, Puerto Iguazu, that LOOKS more friendly and community-smiley than towns in Brazil. And I`ve figured out what it is: the buildings are shorter. Short buildings make you feel taller, or at least the space around you LOOKs more full, because there is more stuff because the buildings are short. Therefore, everything is closer together, therefore everything feels friendlier. (Amazing deduction, eh?)

5) Iguazu Falls. Increible! Maravilha! Stupendo! Wow!

Yeah it was so amazing to see. I walked around the whole place yesterday (there is a lot more walking to be had on the Argentinean side, though I saw the Brazilian side, too). There is just so much water, it`s cascading over everything. And yes, I took about 200 photos. So if you’re curious to see every way water can fall, from every angle, with different lens speeds, waterfall heights, quantity water cascading, and overwhelming sunlight, then let me know and I`ll mail you 4 cds worth of glory.

Next stop: Rosario (a small quaint town north of Buenos Aires, the town of chocolate? We shall see…)


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