Rosario causing mad leg cramps:

29 Feb

I am in Rosario. Well, actually I am about to leave Rosario. But I missed the bus this morning because I forgot my shoes and my passport at the hostel (two things you really can`t travel without) so I returned, and decided to capitalize on this free internet while I`m here. Cheers!

Rosario: a little town, a gem (according to the all wise LP handbook). I spent my two days here walking incredible amounts. Average 30 blocks (quadras). I felt really silly because I met some Aussies that were off to a museum, and I realized I hadnt been to one of those in quite a while! So I went to the Museo de Bellas Artes. WIERD. They grouped art by theme, putting a Neo-Dada piece that looked like an overly wrapped gift box next to a self-portriat from 1884 of a priest. They didnt mesh well, but it was interesting none-the-less!

Now I`m off to Buenos Aires! Yipee! Okay, gotta catch my bus for real this time! Ciao!


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