BsAs: Buenos Aires

2 Mar

The big city of Argentina is everything everyone has said it would be and more.

 I arrived late afternoon on Friday and met up with some new friends that I met through couchsurfing (a virtual club to contact people around the world when you travel, helping you meet locals and see off-the-tourist-track spots.  Since I have been here it has been non-stop full-on bombest time. (Nueva Zelandia lingo I´ve been exposed to!) Friday night I slept until 1am, then woke up just in time to go out (the have the craziest schedules here). Pako, a Spanish guy I met through couchsurfing dressed up as a woman and we all went to a gay disco called Amerika to dance. There was a drag show, free drinks, and electronic beats until 7am. Saturday I woke up in a daze from the dancing night, but set out determined to see the city. With Emma (NZ chica) and Micheal (German chap) I wandered the streets of San Thelmo.

WARNING: Similar to my experiences in Spain, good ol´fashioned eating-whenever-you´re-hungry is not in style here. We meandered about for hours looking for a decent cheapie food joint and finally filled ourselves on bizarre kiosk empanadas. Argh.

After all of our strolling, we headed back to the hood. We participated in the Argentinian relaxation period from 8pm to 1030pm before jumping in a cab and going to Luna Park. At the concert hall I was the most amazing reggaeton band ever! Calle 13(I am now the proud owner of 2 Calle 13 t-shirts and one chachi key-chain. Holler.)

Check them out:

After the concert we wandered about for a few hours before the desire to dance overtook us again, so we headed to an electronic club at 4am (prime hour) called Cochila (?). Today we wandered the antiquities section of San Thelmo again, along with doing some laundry, running in the beautiful parks of Palmero, and decompressing a bit from all of the locura.


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