El Culo del Mundo

25 Mar

El fin del Mundo: Ushuaia. The southernmost city in the world… Michigan is colder.

How did I get to the Culo del Mundo?

I spent 10 days doing Vipassana Meditation. 10 days of complete silence, no reading, no music, no writing, no eating after midday, just meditating 430 am ´til 9 pm. Daydreaming a lot while trying to focus on the rim of my nostrils. But it went well, I felt fresh, cleansed, and ready to travel with new-found perspective, and ready to ramble at the first person who´d listen.

UPDATE: Post Vipassana (though I`d already decided before, it wasn`t a revelation of my many hours of feeling my butt turn to stone) I responded to the Peace Corps and I am moving to Cape Verde to work with Community Development in Environmental Education! Woot! Woot!

Back in Buenos Aires I reasserted all my ´cravings´ that Vipassana was helping me overcome (darn self determination). I ate a few ice creams (they are artesanal there, aka super super sweet). I chilled out in San Telmo, the antiquities district and a beautiful old neighborhood. I wandered the city, read every single posting at the Museum of Latin American Art, and tried to break through my Vipassana schedule of going to bed at 9 pm… which meant I fell asleep at a restaurant after having dinner with a seemingly overly energetic friend.

BECKY hit up BsAs!!! So we attempted to go out dancing (Night 1: left us wandering the streets with a faulty map and then collapsing in the defeat of our beds, Night 2: success! okay the music wasn´t great and Becky got accosted by a politically obsessed character who wouldn´t stop talking… but it was fun and we lasted ´til daylight).

And now here I am. I flight later, at the southernmost point of Argentina. And its a little cold, though there`s no snow yet, unfortunately.

I went to the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego and did a few hikes. I climbed a big mountain crest and saw awesome views of Channel Beagle (the route ships rock when the go all the way around the southern way to get from one great ocean to the other). I saw a condor, and a Guanaco (mountain llama with which I had a staring contest for 20 minutes). Today on a sailboat ride through the historically famous channel, I saw more birds, traces of indigenous groups that once lived in the area (before getting the shaft as all over S.America), and learned tons about the ecology of the area. AND, I saw Sea Lions! (Lobos Marinos) that were stellar, all sleeping and chilling and yawning at each-other.

And tomorrow, I`m off to Torres del Paine in Chile to get some sweet hiking in before my trips up… DOR (date o` return) = April 15th! Yikes!


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