Patagonia and my profound love for SNOW.

12 Apr

many things have happened, and here i am. 48 hours from departing from my journey and heading back to the deuce. it´s crazy, i feel like i´ve been gone quite a while, and then i strike up a convo with someone who has been traveling for 3 years, and i realize this was just like a quick vacation for them. but it`ll be nice to be home.

Recent Excitement:

1) I trekked in Torres del Paine with 2 fellas for a week. A 2 man tent shared luxuriously between 2 men and 1 lovely lady (me!). We had a rotation-spooning system so we could all fit at night, 45 minutes on the left side, and then a coordinated flip to the right side for another hour. Sleep was… segmented.

BUT the glaciers made it all worth while, and they REALLY ARE SUPER BLUE.

2) Lavished in our super cheap-o way by going to Calafate to see the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. We rented a car, stuffed 6 people into. Woke up at 5am so we could drive to the park before they start charging entrance fees. Stayed there ALL DAY (and the glacier is sweet, but it´s all there is, thus I spent numerous staring lovingly into its cracked sides waiting for chunks to fall off). And drove home at 5pm when the place closed (so we wouldn´t we charged the park fee when we exited). Priceless moment: Glorious feeling to save $30.

3) Sat around El Chalten in the rain for 4 days. The pueblo has a population of 200 ppl in the off season (now). And after drinking too much hot chocolate and feeling to stuffed up inside, I attempted a trek on the first day of snowfall. Ahhh– but the mountain was COVERed. Image: me climbing a mountainside in snow up to my belly button. It was great, I made a small snowman, managed to fall off a small bridge on my return and freeze my wet feet. And totally earned a waffle at the one cafe in town.

4) Took the Ruta 40 (think motorcycle diaries) bus up through Patagonia steppe. Nothingness. Great expanses. Estancias. Beautiful. HIGHLIGHT MOMENT: When I was snapping away some photos of the landscape at a quick stop the bus made, and next thing I know a GUANACO is charging me and attacks. I have many bruises. (note: a guanaco is a type of llama prevalent down here. they are vicious).

5) eL bOLSON. Sweet hippie chill village in the mountains. I´m busy taste testing every brand of Alfahore (the cookie sandwiches they love here in Argentina) so I can bring home the best kind. Apparently the Bolsoneros top the list… so I´m off to check that out.

Besos — Back to A2 on MONDAY! AHHHHH!


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