Back to what I know, sort of…

15 Oct

Well I don’t know teaching, but I do know the English language. Last week I started teaching English in the professional night school here in Sal. It is fun to be teaching, I have 4 different classes ranging in all levels of English. The students are mostly older (which is slightly intimidating), but it’s also nice because I don’t have to worry about many discipline issues and the students are excited to learn. This week I have to do a lot of preparation because I don’t like to go into class without lots of activities in my pocket. I also have to work on keeping everything a bit more serious, all those years of working at Camp Al-Gon-Quian and I tend to make lessons from children’s games.


My work at the Camara (the local city hall) is still very undefined. I sort of float around the social work and vehicle registration offices, offering help and chatting up other co-workers. It’s good to get to know everyone, because strong personal relationships are very important to getting anything done in Cape Verde, but sometimes it is also frustrating to feel useless (I an obsessive muli-tasker, so being a non-to-much-tasker can drive me crazy). With time I think I’ll get into some of the interesting social work programs that they have going on here, such as the Criancas na Rua (street children) project that I’m really excited about.


I spent the weekend in Pedro da Lume, a small fishing village of only 200 people right on the coast. Jacky met a nice woman last week at the CD store, so on Saturday we decided to go visit her. Her whole family invited us to a fish grill, which was delicious. Her husband woke up at 5 am and caught us a fresh lunch! We ate tons and relaxed. It reminded me of being on Santiago, because the community was so close knit and down to earth. Unfortunately pretty much the whole village (all the property people live on and the coast) was sold to an Italian development group, so in a few years there will be an out of place golf course and resort hotel where the current neighborhood sits.  Sunday I went back to have katxupa gizado (a yummy recooked corn dish, Cape Verdean chili) and more fish. Dona Sabina introduced us to all her daughters, who walked us around the area. Then Rei taught me to make fish soup! It was a great weekend of cooking and culture.


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