News from Salt Island

28 Oct

Other highlights of life here on SAL:

1. I have an eye infection that is pretty gross, scabby, pussy, and swollen. I’m on meds, but the glasses only cover up so much.

2. Spent Saturday at a family reunion/birthday party for one of my co-workers, Nanda, who has kind of adopted me (because she has a 24 year old daughter named Lara who is away studying in Brazil). A day of piglet-over-the-fire, eating too much, sitting on the beach (jet skis and quad motos included, because I’m in Sal, goodness.

3. Last weekend Dannielle and Whitney (two volunteers from Santiago) so we went to Salinas (the old salt mines), the beach in Santa Maria, and a fancy indian food restaurant. It was fun to have guests, check out the photos I posted on facebook!

Okay, thats about it. I’m getting pumped about the election from way over here (I was offered Radio time on the Sal Radio station, but I couldn’t talk about Obama, because we can’t advocate any political preference publicly as volunteers… just as well because my Kriolu is still getting there~!


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