Teaching English 101

28 Oct

So, as much crap as I gave teaching english, I really love teaching. Yesterday I taught four classes in a row until 1030 pm, and I was entirely exhausted. I was teaching, THIS, THAT, THESE, THOSE (concepts that are making me thankful I am a native english speaker, as well as helping me get to know my own language just a little bit better!). By my last hour, I had come up with a funny hand-gesture way of describing THIS (something singular and close to you) as one finger, THAT (singular and far away) as my hand waving off into the distance, THESE (plural and near) as spirit fingers around my waist, and THOSE (plural and far) as spirit fingers off into the distance. I’m not sure if my students actually knew what the hand motions where all about (though they probably caught on because I did them maybe two hundred times and these kids are smart) but they definitely liked them because they told me after class, “teacher is funny”. Yup, I’m a regular Geogre Lopez. 

Seriously though, I get a nice warm cheesy fuzzy feeling when I end class and I can still hear students walking out and joking around, saying “That is a boy” and “Theeeese are thiiiiiings”.


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