falls fiery colors

11 Nov

have come no where near Sal, not that I really expected them too (but I did receive some leaves from both my mom and Elissa, which are proudly displayed on my wall at home).

Things are going well, and time passes so fast! I can’t believe it’s already November! Firstoff, HURRAY FOR OBAMA!!! I didn’t get a chance to watch the election results live because 1) I don’t have a TV and 2) the time difference was too much to handle, but I did wake up and hear on BBC about the news! It was exciting being here in Cape Verde during the election because there was SO MUCH hype here about it too! My students all asked me who I was voting for and everyone celebrated when Obama won. People joked around a lot about being related to Obama, and now having an ‘in’ at the white house. Seriously though, many Cape Verdeans were happy and impressed that Americans would vote a black man into the white house. He sent a strong message of CHANGE (mudanca) to them, even if they don’t read all of his policies and plans.

Right after the elections, my Country Director came and visited Jacky and I. He encouraged me to move into the Environmental Field more, instead of sticking to the social promotions department that I am currently ‘working’ in. I met one guy who works for the Ministry of Agriculture and he showed me some drip irrigation initiatives here. It got me pretty excited about working with that, or on sustainable tourism policies. Hopefully all of this will pan out into something. Meanwhile, I am still teaching away, and I cooked a mean coconut curry fish dish the yesterday!

One last note: I struggled with whether it was a good idea to head back to the U.S.A. so early in service, and I thought a lot about the pros and cons of such a trip. In the end, my love for snow, my dad’s 60th birthday, and general Tai-family reunion convinced me to head back to the mitten state (plus last year being in tropical Thailand over Christmas was one of the most depressing moments of my life). SO, I am currently looking into tickets and I am planning on flying home for a week and a half at the end of December/beginning of January!

Hope everyone is planning a super Thanksgiving Day extravaganza (we’re going to get busy teaching Cape Verdeans how to celebrate it here)!!!

Peace and Love, Leah


One Response to “falls fiery colors”

  1. connie mitchell November 13, 2008 at 12:51 am #

    Hey girl,
    Just catching up on your wanderings. Sounds hot, as in temperature. We’re confident you’ll figure out how to make a difference.
    Yes, we’re planning on a trip to the Tai reunion. Only, I for one, hate the snow but love the family so we’ll head cross county. We’ll be there Dec 27 – Jan 2 and we really hope to see you.
    I remember one of my loneliest holidays was Christmas in Argentina. It was the middle of summer, hot, sweaty and no Santa Clause. We went to church all day on Dec 25th and then on epiphany day, 12 days later, we left hay in our shoes for the camels of the magi. Then, in the morning we found a small present and chocolates in our shoes. I remember everyone in the family got underwear. I said to myself, “you’re not in Kansas anymore” and then just laughed and enjoyed the moment.

    So, know that we all love you and are proud of you and send you lots of hugs. PS I’d like to send you a care package – any special requests other than eye ointment?

    Aunt Connie and the Boys

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