Dezembro Updates

10 Dec

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

It has been a while since I blogged (which I think is a good thing because it means I am keeping busy). I’ve got a desk at work now, and I’m stationed in the Library (which means I can peruse art history books when I’m not busy, which is always a bonus). For Thanksgiving, Jacky and I cooked up a feast. We made pumpkin (okay really it was summer squash pie, but what can you do when they don’t grow the cute round orange guys here) and apple pie, plus Jacky made whipped cream from scratch! Deserts are the most important, but for the main course we had chicken marinated in 3 types of sauce, a general spices one, a honey orange one, and a beer can style chicken! Jacky also made mashed potatoes and a yummy cinnamon potatoes, carrots, and banana dish. I cooked up some sweet potatoes and tried to make Thai Sum-Tom salad, but that didn’t really come out. We invited over a few friends and spent all day Saturday eating. Plus we got to listen to a lively debate lasting almost an hour about the correct Kriolu word to describe the moistness of a chicken – you could go with the word ‘molado’ which means wet like in Spanish or Portuguese, or you maybe you feel the word ‘sumo’, juice, is a more correct grammatical manner of describing our oven cooked chicken… All in all it reminded Jacky and me how crazy this Kriolu language is we’re trying to learn!

Natal Verde e Limpo!

That’s the slogan of my December Environmental Education Project. I am using my creative skills and love for crafting to come up with a few cool Christmas themed decorations made completely out of recycled objects. Right now I’ve got; toilet paper roll angels, yogurt cup Santas (‘Pai Natal’) and Christmas trees, plastic bottle stars, cardboard trees, plastic bag flowers (okay, so those aren’t really that Christmas-y, but they look cool), and general ornaments made out of reused paper and cardboard. Hopefully (if attendance isn’t as issue) the Kindergarten directors and monitors will come meet with me on Saturday and we’ll exchange ideas and practice make recycled art. Then, they’ll spend time making crafts in their schools and I’ll collect them to create a small exposition of their work to draw attention to the 3 Rs: Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

Happy World AIDS Day!!!

I spent December 1st getting a nice sunburn while standing around the plaza handing out condoms (most common reply to my condom gesture: “Só um!?”) and information on AIDS. We had a tent where people could go for an immediate HIV/AIDS consult and test, for free! (Trick is, it’s always free, but I guess people were more attracted to the immediacy that appeared in the tent form). It was pretty successful, I convinced quite a few fellas to get tested although they were scared and “felt like their heart was jumping out of their mouth!”. So many people got tested that the Health Clinic set up their tent for another day! It was fun getting outside and reminiscing about strutting the Diag flyering or campaigning back at school…

LAST NOTE: I’ll be home for Christmas! (just like the cheesey yet glorious holiday song), so hopefully I’ll see some of you all, if I ever get out of my hot-non-bucket-shower.

xoxoxo Leah


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