Teaching English as a Foreign Language

16 Dec




It´s funny because I´m not even a TEFL volunteer, I´m a “Small Enterprise Development” volunteer. Somehow I managed to get caught up in all this teaching stuff and here are some of my various reactions/emotions about it:

– “I´m not a TEFL volunteer, so WHAT AM I DOING?”

– ARgh, I just don´t care. I am tired and teaching 4 hours a night is hard.

– Wow, these students work manual labor (some of them anyways) from 6am-5pm just to come here and learn every night. The least I can do is give them a class that is worthwhile.

– “I love teaching! The thrills of seeing people understand something new is incredible.”

– “I hate teaching! Is it really that hard to understand complex magazine articles about the effects of Rambo First Blood II on young viewers?

– If class on Monday is supposed to ease us back into the week, and class on Friday is just a joke, when am I actually supposed to be teaching these guys?

Most of all, I feel a healthy mix of all of this, which comes out as a challenging job where I am constantly trying to juggle short attention spans and tired brains with interesting words and grammar mixed with useful dialogue. I think I am a nice, helpful teacher, but effective? good? are my students LEARNING? that´s another story…

I have SO MUCH respect for good teachers, HUrrAh!  HuRRAH!  huRRAH!


3 Responses to “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”

  1. dm December 17, 2008 at 8:39 am #

    hi im intending to do a bit of teaching with my tefl also in cv,which island are you on ,im also not a teacher but seems a good way to put something back into the islands,

    • leahwandering April 27, 2009 at 12:26 pm #

      I´m not sure if you are still interested in talking about teaching in CV, I just saw this comment with I think you posted long ago. If you want to talk more about CV, my email is leahctai@gmail.com, and I am living on Sal (small touristy flat northern dessert island).

  2. danny December 19, 2008 at 12:29 am #

    see you soon. tito is home for the holidays and chiga is quite upset.

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