a new era

22 Jan

January 22nd.  New President.  6am running exercise regimen. Motivation.

Of course this new era of President Obama has  newly invigorated my blogging as well.

Saturday, I hiked along a beach where sea turtles nest (though not until April). Then I played some pool (billiards, snooker). Only to sleep a few hours in preparation for a ´cubri casa´party on Sunday. We went over to Eunizia´s house and along with all her neighbors and friends helped cement cover her roof and celebrate it. (I totally opened some bags of cement and carried a few buckets of cement.)

Monday I did a little celebrating here in Sal, because I can´t forget to give a little shout-out to Martin Luther King Jr. (a celebratory day to reminisce about my favorite elementary school named after a national hero). Then Tuesday roled around and I dragged Jacky to the Forces Armadas, because it was a national holiday in Cape Verde (National Heros Day, a.k.a. Amilcar Cabral Day, the man who liberated CV in 1975 and now has his face beautifully stylized on many t-shirts and posters a lá Ché). At the Forcas Armadas we played a little soccer game, the Biblioteca Municpal vs. the Camara Municipal. The female showing was weak, so after scrounging up a few family members we played 4v4, and us Biblioteca ladies lost 4 to 1. (But a high-five to Jacky who scored or 1 goal!) Then Jacky and I headed out to watch the inauguration of Obama, which was really widely popular here too. The ´Tomada de Posse´was on every channel. Unfortunately, the Portuguese news that covered it decided to dub the speech, making it a) exceedingly difficult to understand because there was just so much talking going on, and b) just annoying because Obama has such a lovely voice and manner of speaking. Still, I got the gist of it (and I´ll probably try to download it at some point). I almost cried (kinda, sorta), but I found it so inspiring (especially being out here on this beach isle and all). It really makes you realize that we can overcome anything, just look at the history of America and what it´s been through. We can not feel guilty or bad, only humble as we try to live up to our position as a world power, and use our influence, along with a nice list of positive attributes he threw in there (honest, hard work, fairness, etc.) to make America and the world better.

All in all, very nice. So then Jacky told me it takes two weeks to make a new habit.Every morning, in the wind and darkness, I plan to wake up and work out with Dina (a friend from work). I´m not sure if I can break my habit of lazy-buminess in the early morning, but I´ll definitely try. (Today was day 1, moderately successful!) At work I´m getting into a few environmental projects that should be good, more news on that next blog.

Happy New Presidential (and many other life changes) Week!

xoxo Leah


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