notable events of the past week

9 Feb

I´ll just get to the point and fill ya´ll in on what´s up;

I´ve been working on World Water Day (March 22nd) activities, and maybe a short radio segment to celebrate World Meteorological Day. It´s all about celebrating the big international days. For earth day/week we are even thinking about getting a speaker to come from the states and join in a workshop, does anyone have any good ideas about who I could ask? Anyone got some hot conections with Obama and think they could send him here for a few hours?

In other news, the weekend went by too fast. We had a minimarathon but I couldn´t run in it because I broke my big tow the other day and its in recovery (too much dancing). Carnaval is right around the corner and we are getting pumped for that, and the sun is gettnig strong here on Sal, so next week during the international wind surfing championships perhaps I´ll do some beach time!

Hope everyone is safe and happy,

xoxo Leah

PS. I am making a huge collage on my wall of various asia, science, travel themes, so if you have any good images and wantt o brighten my day, manda-m! (Send me them!)


One Response to “notable events of the past week”

  1. blair February 9, 2009 at 8:33 pm #

    2 leah tai moments in 2 days:
    1) while reading your blog last night my mom randomly showed me an article in the paper about a Colorado athlete who swam from Cape Verde to Trinidad in January. whoa.
    2) while at the gynecologist today, a woman in the waiting room was speaking Portuguese (such a strange sounding language!)
    (I’ll try to send you something special)

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