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22 Apr

After a endless vacation for blogging world (I attempted to set up an offline blogging program on my computer to facilitate higher blogging rates, to no avail, apparently I am not as technologically skilled as my Cape Verdean collegues seem to think I am). I am reading 4 books at once; still working on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, just started The Tipping Point (I loved Galdwells other book), The Bottom Billion, and Confederacy of Dunces to change things up. At work we set up a Limpeza (clean-up) of a poor neighborhood on Saturday for Earty Day, then a doctor and nurse came and spoke about the importance of ´Health and Sanitation´. It was pretty sucessful, the president of our island came, and I spoke in a microphone for around 40 people. SCARY, but cool. I joined a running team, first race on Saturday (wish me luck as my legs are killing after 1 day of practice). More news soon… cheers and peace!


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