My new team: Academico Atletismo

27 Apr

Tis the season of extreme winds here in Sal, or actually unseasonably strong gusts that are blowing crazy amounts of dust and dirt under our door and into our kitchen. Besides my cleanliness being pushed to the brink of annoyance, all is well.
At the Camara right now we have visiting NGOs from the Canary Islands and Portugal that are working on putting together projects to do here in Sal, they´ll both be back in the summer to implement the alcolholism campaigns and trainings. I´m getting geared for June 5th, Dia do Ambiente. I am helping the largest kindergarden on the island with a environmental parade they are planning to celebrate, and hopefully helping do a wind energy/kite flying project with the primary school. I am also thinking about applying to go back to Praia in the summer and assist with the new volunteer trainee orientation, which would be fun (though incredibly hot and sticky).

So exciting events from the past few days… I ran in a race on Saturday and got 2nd place! I´m mostly excited though about the fact that my new team (Academico Atletismo) is really cool, the people are all super nice, we have a huge age range (14 to 40, because they don´t have high school teams here) and it´s fun to be back with a running crowd again. Right now I´m just going to start getting in shape, but I´m also thinking about tyring to start a program to get running/athletic shoes to disadvantaged kids here and start some sort of sports program for girls. We´ll see how the ideas evolve with some time and talking with people about it. I went a watched the soccer finals for the island, which was crazy, not exactly Michigan football, but still wild with lots of wooping and dancing. Afterwards Jacky, Jackyjoy, Leniza and I went to a friends house and learned how to make pastalais (little fried tuna dough things, surely not healthy but they taste delicous!) and yesterday I made a lemon cake with lemon chocolate frosting for our friend who turned 24! Happy Birthday Samira!

Okay, I´m off to get some planning done for the Feria de Communidades we are participating in at the end of July, tchau!


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