7 May

So, as an Environmental Education Volunteer, I thought I would give a little update about some of the interesting environmental initiatives I’ve seen drifting around Sal recently.

The WATERCONE. This thing is SO cool. So in Assomada, Brian and fellow volunteers work with their tech school students on building solar ‘powered’ ovens and water distillors. No pollution, no fossil fuels, no energy costs, and funny looking ciment ovens to cook your Cape Verdean ‘Chili’! What more could you want!?! (Check out this youtube video: ) A few weeks ago I met Stephan Augustin, the inventor of the Watercone. (www.watercone.com). This is an advanced mass producible solar water distillor that is made of plastic. Leave salt water in the bottom, and in one day you get 1.5 L of clean drinking water! Stephan Augustin was in Sal on vacation, so he gave me some info about his invention and we talked about renewable energy possibilities in Sal, and Cape Verde, which there are plenty of. Here in Sal, I’ve heard rumor of some personal solar water distillors, there is talk of a wind farm (right now we have 2 windmills and one has been broken since I arrived) and a course just finished up on Installation of Solar Panels at the professional school.

MARINE TURTLES! I mean, really, who doesn’t like sea turtles? So that’s why I am going to start volunteering with SOS Tartarugas. They patrol the beaches at night, protecting turtles from poachers, high tides and natural predators that threaten the turtle eggs (okay, so maybe we are fiddling with the natural order of seagulls vs. small baby turtles…). Hopefully as well, we will do some fun education days for kids and maybe even get this turtle camp off the ground. (An idea I had á lá Pacuare Nature Reserve in Costa Rica where Sarah and I once volunteered.)

Other thoughts… well I do have a few more eco-friendly fetishes to tell ya’ll about, but it’s way past my lunch time, so off I go!

Cheers! Have a great Thursday! (UPCOMING ENVIRONMENTAL DAY OF IMPORTANCE: World Turtle Day, May 23rd).


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