Epic moment in my life as a runner.

21 May

First off, news from the running world here in Cape Verde: Super Success for Runners from SAL! This past weekend, 4 teammates and myself flew to Praia along with our trainer, Julio, to compete in a 10k race. Our boys got 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place! It was a run funded by Caixa Economica (one of the banks here in Cape Verde) and had a nice hilly course that went all over the city. After an hour delay at the starting line, a bit of general confusion and bustling, the race began (though I sort of missed the gunshot because a girl was speaking over the microphone about something else…). I had heard rumors of a bit of a cheating streak in Praia races (apparently it is common practice for racers to hop in a taxi and skip crucial kilometers of the racecourse) but this race took extra precautions and had a handful of judges and water throughout the run. Unfortunately for Miss Americana, the heat, sun, and pace that I was running was at was a bit too much, I got passed 15m from the finish line and pulled 4th place, staggering gracefully and then passing out (not so gracefully) onto my teammates. After a bit of a relax/recuperation/rehydration at the hospital I was fine, only my pride remains sorely bruised as I saw the evening news. Some cruel-hearted editor decided to throw in a clip of my final steps of semi-consciousness during the coverage of the race. Argh….

And the cycle continues. New volunteers are coming to Cape Verde in the summer, and I am going to help with the training (PST – Pre Service Training) that they receive. I am pretty excited because I loved PST, my host family rocked, and ya’ll know I love school setting type stuff, so I am happy to get a chance to meet the newbies and hopefully impart a little bit of knowledge on to them.

Literary Cents. I finished “A Confederacy of Dunces”. I actually only give it a B- rating. I liked it, it was interesting and funny and bizarre, but I think at some points the ridiculousness of Ignatious was too much for me, I found him too grotesque to be laughable. Similar to my dislike of that one kids character… the child molester… not Mr.Bean… the more emaciated dude, oh yeah PeeWee Herman. Those 2 just give me these gross chills I can’t shake. Now I’m reading “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman. I can tell this book is going to be great! I’ve only read the beginning, but the globalization of the individual is exactly how I feel whenever I blog, sharing my world on remote Cape Verde with anyone interested across the planet. Pretty cool stuff.

Next edition: Environmental Staging for June 5th! (my birthday as well as WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY)


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