1 Jun

tatter TOTs. tang, orange tang. Training Of Trainers. Yup, I was selected to train future volunteers! Who would of thought? A group of volunteers and Cape Verdeans met up in Praia this past weekend and got planning for the newbies. It was fun, and made me realize how quickly one year has already passed! I am excited, doing well, and slightly freaking. Next Friday I turn 24. Next year I finish in PC. What am I going to do? Where do I want to be? And before I even think about that, there is lots I still want to do here! But I only have 1 year left. Can I still accomplish something sustainable and worthwhile? Something more that making recycled crafts with kindergardeners (not that they aren´t adorable and fun, see facebook photos and soon as internet improves). But I think I´m more capable than that! Anyways, I´m a bit tired, just wanted to check in. Counting down to the Bday!


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