Prizes! Fame! Fortune!

12 Jun

Woot! Woot! Encerramento e entrega de premios was a success! A few weeks ago I started working on a Design Contest for Environmental Art (a low cost activity that would hopefully get lots of kids and classrooms talking about environmental issues and thinking about solutions. More than 300 kids turned in designs, which I put up (painstakingly) in the front hall of the library (every inch of space was used, 3 panels and all the walls) to display all the great work from the elementary school students. During the week I had some of the other library employees and Jacky and Sheila help me choose the best designs, I put up ribbons, and got together prize packages (chocolate, suckers, drawing and activity books with environmental themes, and PAM beach balls). On Friday, we had a closing ceremony. I was close to just handing out the prizes unceremoniously and going home because Vereadora Luceth was running a little late, but Jacky told me to hold out and everything turned out quite nicely. All the kids and most of their parents or professors came and accepted their prizes, given to them by Vereadora Luceth (my Vereadora was busy at a meeting). The kids seemed genuinesly proud and excited about their work (my favorite little girl even dressed up). We even made it on the Camara web site  (which wasn’t too hard considering Kyle, Moses and Gilberto run it). Still, hurray! 


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