Long weekend. Relaxing.

14 Jun

Long weekend. Relaxing. 

Major accomplishments/points of embarrassment:

  • I picked up my laundry from the laundromat (yes, we have a laundromat here in Espargos, and this is the second time I have used it, because my knuckles get really raw from washing my jeans by hand and so I paid 700 escudos and dropped it off).
  • I ran a trial 3km in preparation for our race next weekend. I finished in 12:00.06, which I think is not too bad considering I am old(er) now and not so speedy on the track. Plus the sun was blisteringly hot.
  • We went to a T+mais publicity concert in Espargos Saturday night. T+mais is a new phone company that is trying to break the CVMovel monopoly (think evil Comcast monopoly on all forms of communication in Ann Arbor).
  • Jacky and I went to Murdeira with her Cape Verdean brother Djony. We swam and laid on the beach, saw some beautiful birds, and checked out the wildlife with our goggles. We had heard the beach there is more beautiful than Sta Maria, so we wanted to test out the rumours. It is definitely more interesting, with crazy rock formations and fish and plant life, but Sta Maria is easier to swim in because it is all pure white sand, so you don’t have to worry about a wave pushing you up against some rocky underwater coral and lava rock. (Bonus points for Murdeira though: no tourists, quiet, and it’s a natural reserve on Sal, though with many protected areas it is currently being evaluated for a building project. There are plans to construct a marina in the Murdeira bay, destroying the natural wildlife habitat to make a fabulous local for Murdeira residents to go jet skiing. Arghh.)
  • To finish off our weekend of “passeando”, Jacky, Gigi and I went to Palmeira Sunday to check out the movimento. Sunday is the hot night to hit up this little fishing village, and I ran into some school teacher friends of mine there. I ate some yummy grilled shark, enjoyed salty fishy sea air, and tested out some coffee punch (this thick liquor stuff). 


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