Routines… are a good thing?

18 Jun

I’ve fallen into a bit of a routine here, get up, eat my yogurt, walk slowly to work running errands along the way and daydreaming (or still night-dreaming, apparently sometimes it appears I have yet to wake up). I’m worried about this routine business, it’s nice and calming, and maybe I am more efficient, but I also worry that I am not getting out of the box enough, just relaxing and doing the same thing over and over, instead of pushing myself? I work all day – you know, do some work, chat, help at some activities, ramble around, work some more. Then I head to track practice where my legs are taking a brutal beating. I went to a physiotherapy lady yesterday and she massaged my thighs for a good half hour (yes, I live in Africa and my track couch sends me to a doctor to get massaged). The massage felt good but my legs are still “esgotado”, just plain tired, burnt out I think. I am filling a bunch of water bottles and putting them in the freezer so I can take an ice batch tonight (an all-time favourite move of Pat Ryan!) and hopefully that will drain some of the lactic acid and general fatigue. This weekend we have the Campeonato Nacional de Atletismo and I am running in a 3km race on the track on Sunday, wish me luck!


One Response to “Routines… are a good thing?”

  1. art June 19, 2009 at 10:48 pm #

    Keep the faith babe. Nice to hear you are getting exercise and I think the community and business development opportunity with the handicrafts has potential. You can teach them some business skills too. Love to you.


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