Running Weekend. Sleepy Week.

23 Jun

This past weekend we had the National Track Champtionships here in SAL! That was pretty fun, Sal island won overall and there were some really impressive performances. My friend Merico ran a 1500m under 4 minutes, and Lela won the 5000m race (uh, on the track) by a long shot. I ran in the womens 3000m but I didn´t run very strong, and now I´m going to take a little break from running because I´ve been feeling really drained overall.

Jacky (my roomie) went to Sto. Antao for a week of vac ation time and she sounds like she is having a great time at a festa de Sao Joao. I am sleeping a lot (in her bed, because I became obsesed with tthe idea that my bed has bugs, and so I put my mattress out tin the sun to “clean” it. It´s interesting having her gone, I imagine what it would be like to live alone on an island (like Rachelle on Maio) and I thinkk, wow, that would suck. Jacky and I have become like sisters and I can´t imagine not having her here. Phew!

This week I am sorting out some of the summer activities that I am going to help with. Organizing, waiting for my computer to be fixed. Here at the Camara we have a new director in my department who I am meeting today, hopefully she will be useful and organize our areas work more efficiently (maybe assign me to a project or two as well!). Right now I´m off to wash my sheets in my lunch break, and try to find time to help Kyle paint his future office with an argyle pattern (don´t ask).

PS. Thanks for the bday cards and gifts everybody!!! Maura I´m loving the music!


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