so sometimes people read this junk…

26 Jun

really? wow.
I mean really? cool. cul. (kriolu version). now that I have confirmation that at least two people read the ramblings I post on my online journal of life, I think I need to spruce up my page. I may even have to learn HTML (gosh forbid). I at least need to figure out how to upload some freaking photos onto this blog to make it mildly more interesting.

events on the Sal front: Today is International Day Contra Drogas. I am about to stamp a lovely red hand on my shirt and march along in the sunshine making a statement. Yesterday I went to a conversation roundtable about drugs, and has a member (a not so anonymous member) of Narcotics Anonymous come a spill about the truths of being a drug addict, it was pretty awesome for the kids to hear some first hand life details.

Have a happy drug free weekend! Woopeee!


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