almost the 4th!

2 Jul

It´s almost the 4th of July, I´m getting all nostalgic for Northern Michigan, both Burt and Lake Michigan, fireworks, cool nights with grasshoppers making all that slightly annoying slightly soothing barulho. If only I had a sparkler.

But never to fear, because Cape Verdean Independance Day is July 5th! (stranger coincidences have happened, but still…). There are a few activities that Sheila is putting together at the library with Katia, including a Feria de Livros Cabo Verdianos (book fair). I already acquired this sweet book.

pretty book that I got during the Cape Verdean Book Fair
pretty book that I got during the Cape Verdean Book Fair

We have some patriotic soccer to play Saturday, Jacky and I discussed sleeping on the beach, and Sunday we are marching in a parade! YAY! Waving flags is fun.

A Partilha do Indivisível
A Partilha do Indivisível

Also, this week Jacky and I got visited by our coordenator, Ana Lisa, who is really cool. Just to check up on our work, I´m about to go cook dinner and try to impress her.

P.S. Final Thoughts: Technology as a PCV (especially true in super-mod Cape Verde), an email from Brian.
“In fact, more than 90 percent of all volunteers use cell phones at their site, according to a 2008 Peace Corps survey. About 94 percent connect weekly to the Internet and 43 percent write a blog.”

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