sand on the beach is always cold and wet

13 Jul

So I recommend, even when it is hot and sweaty all day long, not to sleep on the beach without a blanket. And a thin shawl (or alternatively headwrap if you are in Africa) does not count as a blanket, though satisfies as protection from the sand.

Jacky and I went on a ‘passeo’ – aka a big sleepover at the beach with everyone from the community center. It was wild, most of these family folks didn’t sleep a wink and kept the music blaring (to the chagrin of the turtles – and yes we sadly say a cut fin and and turtle belly, remains of hunters who eat the “tastes like chicken” meat for extra mojo) until 7am. Jacky and I attempted to sleep in the sand, were joined by a crab, and mostly just attempted various methods of burying ourselves in the sand to get damper but avoid the winds. Swell.

The rest of the weekend was recovery time from the beach burn, and we watched a few handball games (the national champs for the men’s side were from Sal, and now get to go to South Africa!).

Today I went to teach my lifeskills session at the community center, but talking about aggressive, assertive, and passive behaviors in a hot room with a bunch of wresteless teens is not easy, and I’m not sure how much they are actually learning… so I’m thinking I need to change methods and I just haven’t figured out how yet. More group work (dreaded words I know…) or maybe more games (most definitely more games).

I am about to hit the ONE YEAR mark here in Cape Verde, so what am I going to do next? I know I still have lots of time, but still, time flies by even in the island sun. Should I go back to school? Check out this cool free University initiative. If so, in what? International Development? Energy Resources? Agriculture? Environmental Policy and Law? Maybe when we get to the lifeskills sessions on decision-making I’ll have an answer. Until then, I’ll just try to take more photos. 🙂

bjs             – leah


One Response to “sand on the beach is always cold and wet”

  1. Uncle Bing July 22, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    hi leah

    i just want to reinforce the point of view that your writings and thoughts are not for naught.

    i check your listings on a regular basis but up until now have not replied.

    you should know that we’re all proud of you.

    uncle bing

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