Tito Paris and the LISBON Orchestra!

27 Jul

This weekend was wild! With Rachelle visiting from Maio, and Nelson visiting from Sao Nicolau, we had to get out and about. Friday we went for Pizza and caught the end of the T-KLA 2 concert, a electronic, dance, hip-hop music duo who was playing in the newly remodeled outdoor theater. We danced to a homage to Michael Jackson and had a grand time.

Saturday we woke up early to meet with a group of Cape Verdean Americans who are going to work with us on the Festival de Comunidades that we are participating in next weekend! Rachelle is practicing singing the national anthem with the kids, who are going to sing and dance on stage for us. Plus, we will have a booth with maps, posters of the statue of liberty, videos of Obama and PCorps mission playing, a few carnival games and American food available for tasting!

Tito Paris in Concert! Saturday night we went to the Salinas of Pedra de Lume, an old salt mine that was at once one of the biggest salt producers worldwide! They set up a huge stage, and Tito Paris played mournas and great Capeverdean music with the acompanyment of the Lisbon Orchestra. They even played my favorite song, “Dança ma mi kriola”. It was spectacular.

Salinas de Pedra de Lume, using the first train in Cape Verde!


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