july frenzy and heat!

30 Jul

This week has been pretty crazy, and the extreme heat (I estimate I sweat 2.5 Liters per day) does help to make one want to dig into the work! Still, it´s fun that things are getting going.

Cha Matias Lifeskills with crazy heat and hilarous dancing boys

Monday I had my lifeskills session at the Community Center and Nelson (volunteer from Sao Nicolau) was in town so he came and helped out. It went great! I was starting to get frustrated captivating 20 young male teens twice a week during their summer break to talk about good communication skills, but Nelson helped me brainstorm some good incentives to compel positive behavior, and we turned “Assertive Messages” into fun comic designs. I´m still looking for ways to keep these sessions interesting and less serious/school-like. There are only so many role plays the boys want to do, so drop me a line if you have any ideas of good group games, leadership, team building, etc. (After all my years at AGQ this should be a breeze!)

buracona cave pool dippings!We dipped over to Buracona with Rachelle and Nelson on Tuesday, and showed them the tumultuous sea that almost carried Jacky away last December. (Plus we jumped from an awesome rock ledge into the natural pools!)

I went turtle patrolling on Tuesday and saw 2 female loggerheads nesting! They looked so prehistoric, and the way they dig their holes reminded me of some chanting dance moves, so we named one that wasn´t yet tagged, Dancing Queen. I´m heading out to patrol again tonight, helping with the data collection where as the military troops and police do the protection from hunters bit (there have been a few run-ins but I wasn´t present).

On top of all that, we are barring up our windows, getting ready for an amazing community diversity festival this weekend, planning for a Dia de Serviço in September and heading to PST 2009 next week! Holler.

Last thoughts: join the campaign, stop the “heat” – climate change in Africa.


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