a week OFF the island!

10 Aug

Island fever was about to hit me when I jumped on a plane (after 1 canceled flight and a 7 hour wait) and headed to Santiago – the big island – to help the new volunteers with their Pre Service Training!

Things accomplished in Praia (ahem, I mean Santiago):

1. Watched one american film all the way through, The Italian Job, thank-you Dacia and your lovely working laptop! I’m hoping some loving sibling or friend will send me Twilight so I can have my fill of feel-good romance.

2. Went to a farmer’s association where a future volunteer will be placed. Joe, Analisa and I had a good time chatting with Lucillo and looking a napping pigs. The session with the trainees was cool too – we talked all about agriculture in CV, water and post harvest activities (can I get a “what! what!” for really sugary doce-jam and sun dried tomatoes).

3. I talked about diversity with the newbies. Hmmm. Difficult and perhaps awkward, how do you get people to spill about intense personal identity experiences in an group of 30 that you just met?

4. Hung out with the host family in Ruben Manel. Got a nice hair-do. Just like old times. Except they have a new volunteer, Djoni, who is awesome. Enviro kid just like me, and they are still using the really frilly sheets.

5. Chilled in rainy Assomada. Hiked in Serra Malageta (awesome national park). Stopped in Sao Domingos and Praia for some bead shoping and general eating (which I do TOO much in Santiago, huge plates of food for 2 dollars, and the mangos are heavenly…).


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