Flag Snatch!

20 Aug

Slag fatch.  Snag Flatch. Flag Snatch.

At the end of Hillary’s famous trip to Africa, unbeknownst to some of ya’ll, she stopped at a small yet important and stifling hot island in the Atlantic. Yes, Hillary stopped on our island, Sal, before returning to the land of french fries and 24h open supermarkets. Hillary and Bbday 033

Jacky and I were invited to the Riu Hotel, a large, not mildly grostesque infrastructure (but with the best security in Cape Verde). There we got to meet Hillary as she came out of her room to head to a bilateral conference (YES! I shook her hand!). During her chat session, we awaited anxiously watching the 2 American and 2 Cape Verdean flags sitting on a platform (pratically being blown over in the wind). She came for a quick photo shoot with important Cape Verdean personel, and as soon as they left the platform we raced over, picked up, furled, and deftly carried those darn flags through a secret (and obviously preplanned) route to the press conference room, where we put them back up and neatly waiting for the press session.

During the speeches, Hillary gave some great press to Cape Verde, rewarding them for improving their economic situation, becoming a middle income country, and for doing a good job having a transparent, working government. Sometimes I get frustrated working here at the local gov. level, but you gotta love beauracracy.

Hillary and Bbday 040Me getting interviewed for the radio. Okay, more photos of us actually WITH Hillary to come soon, but I´ve got to get them from the professional photographer…


2 Responses to “Flag Snatch!”

  1. sheila August 20, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    Leah!!! wow, you are so basofa! lol.

  2. Abbey October 5, 2009 at 5:55 pm #

    Oh man I can’t WAIT for those photos. Awesome, Leah, keep up the good work!

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