dia de serviço social!

17 Sep

Success! My idea for a big municipal volunteer day finally worked out (after some intense preparation and tons of letters asking for donations). The day went really well, we painted a house, installed electricity in another woman’s house, planted trees, did a neightborhood clean-up and distributed food and clothes.

I’ve been waiting to put up the amazing photos of our day, but unfortunately haven’t been able to because the external harddrive where they were saved has been stolen! It belongs to my friend Moses, and hopefully it is recovered…

This past weekend was the huge Santa Maria Beach Music festival. Friday was pretty awsome, Mayra Andrade sang and she has an amazingly soothing voice. I was mostly working backstage to set up the food and drinks for the artists. Saturday I was expecting just to enjoy the festival, but unheard of torrential rains hit Sal and we where confined to the indoors for about 24 hours. Then Sunday the attempted replay was canceled because some equipment got wet and a fuse blew. Aka, no Kymani Marley, no Betu Dias, and no Sara Tavares. Big bummer.

Now I´m just getting ready for a visit from the rents and a little vacation!!!

P.S. I am also thinking of switching to wordpress.org. Too much work? I just really want to post my shelfari plugin… wah wah wah…


One Response to “dia de serviço social!”

  1. Jacquie September 24, 2009 at 5:05 am #

    Hi Leah, I am really glad that it went well and sorry that we couldn’t support you – turtles are so demanding….

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