Sal Solidário

9 Nov

Sal Solidário is a campaign that was started while I was on vacation with the rents, but somehow I still managed to gain quite a lot of responsibility in it throughout the last few weeks…
Cartaz Sal S.
This was the music show we had on Saturday, there were some awesome groups. An african drumming and dance group, traditional Cape Verdean singer and a phenomenal reggae band. Unfortunately I was running around so much doing small tasks, I wasn’t able to enjoy it to the fullest, but still I was proud of the effort. We showed a video I put together explaining the purpose of the campaign, which is to generate funds to send to the island of Sao Nicolau and Santo Antão because they were both hit really hard by torrential rains which caused lots of damage to roads, houses, schools, etc. and killed a few people. We also have been gather donations, food and clothes mostly, and sent about 20 huge trash sacks full of stuff last Tuesday.
Island Rain Destruction PPT
On Sunday we had more to do, a Tarde de Chá, an afternoon snack. There were so many donuts I didn´t know what to do with myself, but I was almost too tired.


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