International Women’s Day

11 Mar

Last Monday we celebrated World Women’s Day, a day to reflect on the role of women, the history of women’s rights and continue to fight for equal pay, equal job opportunities, and, well, equality.

Here in CV, the common move was to present flowers to older women, poor, or in my case, 3 female inmates at the local prison. Giving out flowers, chocolate and poetry to make a women feel nice is, um, nice, but does it help?

I had a few friendly debates about this with a coworker, who criticized a show allowing only female voices to perform, and complained that here in Sal, where more civil servant administration positions are filled by women than men, we should have a day for Gender Equality (which probably also exists). He claimed that they way this day is celebrated, we are actually holding women back more than taking steps forward. What do you think?

I find the gift giving part sweet, but kind of crap. We gave flowers to female inmates that we have been working with, but when I brought up the fact that only the women are responsible for all the general cleaning, laundry, dishes and food distribution at the prison (which has about 15 men who sit and play cards) no one seemed to take a second thought. Why is that just so socially acceptable? (One reason an inmate gave was that the guards have less problem controlling female inmates, and less worry that they will try to escape when out of their cells doing these chores, which is understandable but I’m still not sure if that means it is acceptable.)

Well, de tudo maneira, Happy Women’s Day!


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