T-minus 1 week until I COS!!!

23 Aug

I can’t believe I am almost finished, who thought 2 years would go by so quickly! Honestly there were days when I wondered why I was doing all this, sweating, missing family and friends and eating lots of rice and beans only to be a mildly effective development worker… but I guess, like all former Peace Corps people I’ve talked to, it was worth it. It was changing.

This last week in Sal has been full of goodbyes, and in traditional Cape Verde style, they are all good-bye PARTIES 🙂

Friday Jacky, Sheila, Bevely and a bunch of my good friends got together at the Chã Matias center and threw me a surprise going away party (I was slightly suspicious since Jacky was rushing me over there at 7pm on a Friday, not usually business hours!). That was right after I had tea with my favorite Excel students, some older women who I’ve been working with over the summer. We had a nice snack, yummy home-made mint tea and cous-cous (cinamon mandioca flour cake bread thing, quite tasty when hot).

Then we had a official goodbye dinner with all our work buddies on Saturday, which consisted of lots of dancing, 2 quick and sappy speeches by Jacky and I after recieving a City Hall thank-you tile, pen and key chain (yay for free stuff!) – Jacky really pushed me into the speech giving since I shy away from the mic, I get trembley fingers! Somehow I got over the butterflies and we sang La Bamba for everyone (who knew I was a famous diva in a past life?) and then the night became a kareoke fest, CV style as we read lyrics off a small notebook that belonged to the painoman.

Here are some pics to recount the goodbyes, then its off to Praia for my final medical checkups and exit interview:

Getting an awesome logo-tile for our 2 years of hard work!

The President commemorating us at the Municipal Week of Education

drooling and saying goodbye to us :9

I'll miss his early morning whine and cuddley paws *Gizado*

me and "el jefe" - my boss Vereadora Judite

all smiles today!

Jacky and I recieving another Câmara do Sal tile!

Lovely thank-you from Antero and Mario

We felt a few words were necessary, so we had to get it together...
Post Speech song (necessary singing tradition in CV)

Our lovely rendition of La Bamba... la la la...

Then the crowd took over the mic

Singers: Ana Rosa, Sheila, Nanda and Zaza - 100% talent!

Taking a "malageta shot", malageta = those really spicey little chiles, this was my last drink for the night...

The malageta shot burned lip to stomach – we tried to go dancing at a disco after that but this was kind of the end of the goodbye night for me (after steve told me horror stories of some locals who had the malageta shot come right back up, in front of the bar, i decided to take it easy…).


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