Attempting to not get ripped off in Dakar…

5 Sep

is difficult.

We (Dacia, Lindsay and I) got into Dakar, Senegal on Friday afternoon and thankfully Justin, a PCV here, met us at the airport. We avoided getting immediate yellow fever shots and somehow got through passport control. I accidentally walked into lost baggage offices while thinking I was being directed to the bathroom, but then we made it happily outside to Justin and got in a slightly scary taxi (which had a bottom and 4 tires, though the door didn’t really shut). Friday night we entered into QUIZ night, a Peace Corps monthly activity and got third place! Apparently braise means to cook meat slowly, I thought it was to rub marinade on meat as it cooks. Darn.

Saturday we spent at the huge market street but it was hard to buy anything because the Senegalese guys are so much more aggressive than Cape Verdeans! They were all over us trying to hike up prices and sell us anything that our eyes lingered over for more than 15 seconds… But we did succeed, somehow, and but 8 meters of fabric plus a phone card and some other art and jewelry. Dinner: spectacular Chinese food, eggplant dishes, cashew chicken dish, cucumbers, and shrimp. Plus PBRs!

Breakfast: Pastries up the wazoo. Great french tradition that they adopted here, crossionts, doughnuts, bread. Yum. Today we spent the day at Ilhe de Goree – we wandered around the cool historic island and bought a few more things. Sweated a bit. A relaxed in a spot that had no cars! (The air pollution here makes me a little nauseous.) Now we are hanging out at the house of an embassy worker so I thought I’d hit up the internet for a minute! Anyways, so far Senegal = not too many mosquito bites, a lot of hot weather, great ice cream, annoying retailers, amazing Chinese food, and more to come!

Okay! Fika dretu, Leah

Phrase of the day: Nu tu du? What’s your name?


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