How did Ghana beat us in the worldcup?

23 Sep

Well I guess cuz they’re better.

But they love the USA no less, I’ve seen a few Obama and Michelle billboards around the country and both members are looking a bit photo shopped, though nonetheless inspirational.

So far we’ve hit us the capital, Accra, and stayed at Crystal Hostel which was a bit outta town though nice that it felt like a regular Ghanaian neighborhood. We drank some inexpensive and not to shabby wine, ate chinese food, went to an internet cafe faster than my house in the USA (where are we, really?) and walked all along the coastline talking to little kids in English. YAY ENGLISH! Makes life a bit easier!

Then we hopped on a cheap bus to the Cape Coast, saw a really depressing Cape Castle where about 2000-5000 slaves were kept hostage before heading to ‘Merka and livened our spirits by contributing to the local economy at various market stalls around town.

We met a cook PCorps couple from Benin, met up with Brett and Amanda from Cape Verde and went on the Canopy Walk in Kakum National Park. Scary heights. Lots of butterflies. Then we hung out waiting for a Tro-tro, through a rainstorm, til a few hours later we made it to the Hans Cottage Botel. The hotel where they would have filmed The Shining had the move been made in Ghana. Weird weird place.

Now we are headed north in search of elephants, and I’m just searching for ideas about the future. Wish us luck! Love, Leah


One Response to “How did Ghana beat us in the worldcup?”

  1. Sheila de Oliveira September 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    love you beatiful!! have fun and good luck. Sheila

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