Elie the Elephant!

29 Sep

That’s right folks, we saw an elephant. Woohoo!

I was particularly lucky because, being the old lady that I am, I went to bed around 10pm while staying at the Mole Motel in Mole National Park in north western Ghana, but my trusty travel companions woke me up around midnight when, as they were relaxing having a beer, an elephant moseyed up to have a quick snack was in front of our room! It was awesome seeing an elephant up close and personal, live with no cages, whole huge tusks, and it pooped! (Just for us!) Elie took a good hour hanging around the motel that night, along with a small herd of antelope type deer guys, and we were pumped.


So we headed from Kumasi on a regular, painful, bus expedition to Tamale. The 7 hour journey stopped once for some fu-fu and rice, but went so slow on the crummy road it was a bit to bumpy to sleep and a bit to dark to read. Eventually we got to Tamale and were lucky enough to stay at the PC Regional house with 8 other PCVs who were passing through for the night. It was fun to hear about life as a PCV in Ghana, and relax with a bunch of Americans, so we slept well that night, but got up at 4am (okay actually 5am, though we planned for 4 am!) to buy our next bus tickets to the park. No waits at the bus stop so we taxied back to the PCV house to sleep a bit more, eat some pancakes, and head out.

The bus ride to Mole was beautiful, green dappled with little villages of round mud huts and straw little roofs. Cool. The park was beautiful, with a great view over looking a watering hole (technically this is rainy season so the watering hole is not SO necessary for the animals, but still beautiful) and we saw warthogs a plenty, baboons (BaMbons as the guide Deiki pronounced it) and the baboons really liked to jump around in the water. Then we saw Red monkeys and other monkeys (they were black and white, but I forget their actual name, seeings as ‘Red monkeys’ is oh-so-technical…) and the animals were just wandering around within a few feet of us! We also so a bunch of types of deer/antelope guys, squirrels (made me thing of the UM diag) and lots of plants.

After Mole, Elie started us on our stroke of good luck. We caught a right from the small village to a bigger hub, where we got on the 10 hour ride to Accra that was leaving that minute. When we finally pulled into Accra Monday night we were tired of sitting and being subjected to really really bad Nigerians films, so we caught a taxi quick to The Salvation Army Hostel in Osu where we’ve been doing a bit too much shopping (Why, Hello, beautiful Ashanti beads and fabulous batik fabrics). One shop where we all did a lot of damage.

So now we are in Accra, about to eat Thai food for dinner (WHoppee!) and getting ready to fly to Tanzania tonight. Get excited! (Flying through Kenya, so we’ll get a 3 hour look at Nairobi, too!



One Response to “Elie the Elephant!”

  1. Ana Rosa October 11, 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    Hi girl!!!

    How are you?? So glad to see something about you!
    Miss you so much!!
    Please give me your email adress.
    Mine is anarosateixeiralopes@hotmail.com

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