Tanzania. Updates. Raging.

7 Oct

We headed out of Mole Nat. Park to the capital, Accra, Ghana. Internet speed like you couldn’t believe. Vodaphone I LOVE YOU. Did an overnight flight to Nairobi (does that count when you spend 3 hours in a country?) and it was SO COLD. I don’t know if I’m prepared for Michigan winters. Then we flew to Dar Es Salam.

After a ATM-that-is-functioning hunt we got money and headed to Zanzibar Island for a relax time. The old Stone Town (we stayed at the Karibu Inn, really nice, cheap, great location) was beautiful and historic with meandering streets and amazing woodwork. We saw dolphins up close and personal during an excursion to “Swim with the Dolphins”, which consisted more like jumping in the water right after we saw them swim by… but it was fun and exciting (except for the weird water lice a.k.a. jellyfish (?) that stung us all over). Then we SCUBA DIVED!!! Lindsay and I stayed underwater for a total of 1 hour 10 minutes checking out coral and fish and it was amazing! I definitely have to do a course somewhere, sometime.

After taken the WETEST ferry ride back to the Dar Es Salam (maybe we got ripped off on the tickets, nothing new) we spent a day running errands, prepping for Safari time and our next stop, Mozambique. I’m definitely getting anxious to get home now… and the gift luggage is only getting heavier!

Love and Hugs!!! LeAH


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