Leah is about to see many wild animals. Hurrah!

9 Oct

Why? Because tomorrow we (Linds, Dacia and 3 other girls we’ve met whilst staying at the Arusha Backpackers Hostel – Lizze, Julia, plus 1) are setting out for a 4 day Safari in the Serengeti and 2 other national parks, the Norongoro Crater and Tangirine National Park (?) camping and all that (and it’s costing me a hefty 505USD, but you’d think it’d be ALOT more!). It should be lots of fun and they said its pretty certain we’ll see a ton of animals (giraffes! yay! perhaps a lion or two?).

The BIG 5 are: Elephats, Lions, Rhinos, Buffalo, Leopard… I think that’s the list. Though I’m most excited for a possible Hippo and hopefully and family of Elephants! After that we’ll be spending a night next to Mt Kilamanjaro in a town called Moshi before going on to Victoria Falls in a few days of painful bus rides and then to Mozambique and HOME!!! Hurrah! (Getting excited to get home because it’s getting so close… but will if feel like I never left?)


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