10 Jan

Refreshed. Why you ask? Because I’ve been keeping up on the yoga front and getting all in tune with my body! The community (free!) classes at A2 Yoga that I went to this week with my cousins and aunt from California were awesome. The instructor, Ana, is amazing. She has a very calming yet vigorous presence and she makes these shouting/guttural noises that remind me of tennis grunts and yodeling; she strings together a bunch of words and says things like ILOVEME or IAMBEAUTIFUL while pushing through a hard pose. It’s refreshing and fun. And my hips have had only a tinge of sore!

Other good New Game Obsessions you should play:


Stratego. Played the onyx edition against Mitch and Zack yesterday. Lost twice (but felt like I was winning for 95% of the game, it’s just that dicey). Super fun.

Cards Against Humanity. Played this with the cousins, Maura, aunt, and dad! Hilarious game. Aunt Connie won once, then my dad. How did they win? Because they have the most sadistic, dirtiest minds of us all (perhaps not saying a lot since I didn’t know what ‘smegma’ was). I couldn’t stop cracking up. Particularly when, yes, I had to explain to my father the definition of ‘queefing’.

Bang! Learned this one in DeeeCeee. Gotta get myself a copy to learn some Italian while posing as a wild west outlaw. ‘Nuff said.


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